The technical specification for a competition crossbow

The technical specification for a competition crossbow is laid down both by the I.A.U. and the G.N.A.S. I.A.U Regulations.

This bow must not have a latched draw weight of more than 95 pounds and a draw length of 12 inches from braced position to latched position. Its total weight must not exceed 22 pounds.

Butt hooks are permitted but no loading devices or magnifying sights are allowed.

The bolts or arrows must be of any safe material and be between 12 and 18 inches long with vanes and target points.

The archer must wear normal sportswear without special padding, support clothing or special shooting jackets.

The G.N.A.S. regulation specifies the prod should not exceed 36 inches and its draw energy should not exceed 1280 pound inches.

This energy is measured by measuring the draw length in inches from string latch to the back of the prod and multiplying it by the prod draw weight in pounds.

The maximum draw length is 18 inches, however, the maximum arrow length is 15 inches and the minimum 12 inches, arrows can be of any material and must be three fletched.

Telescopic and magnifying sights are not allowed but loading stirrups are permitted.

The basic assembly of a modern competition crossbow is imaged with part names.

A trigger mechanism is also illustrated in its latched and loosed positions again with its part names.

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