An ancient gathering of gentlemen archers congregating one day annually in Yorkshire competing as Members of this Honourable and Unique Society.

The competition involves sequential shooting of two arrows at two standard four-foot diameter targets set at 100 yards range with the bosses being set 105 yards apart.
The gold centre of the target faces is marked with an additional three-inch diameter black spot called the inner gold.

The Captain and Lieutenant of the previous year are privileged to shoot first in order by custom and have first shot at retaining their honoury titles won previously.
After these gentlemen shoot the Company then commences shooting and the first archer to hit the black inner gold nearest its centre becomes Winner of the Ancient Scorton Arrow and the Captaincy for the ensuing year.

The archer to hit the first red nearest its centre becomes the Holder of the Silver Bugle and is Lieutenant for the ensuing year.

On winning the Captaincy and Lieutenancy the current holders witness, confirm and congratulate the Winners.

Other subscription prizes are competed for within the shoot; one being The Ancient Horn Spoon awarded for the Worst White at the last end.
Another interest is a competitive Pool carried on throughout the shoot based on scoring hits, a gold receiving a shilling, a red, blue or black receiving sixpence and a forfeit of sixpence for each white scored.

The Ancient Society is a grand day’s shooting and is an excellent competition carried out in a fine, gentlemanly and historic manner, being most importantly, self financing and firmly regimented by the archers themselves.

It is all archers’ fervent hope “The Scorton” will continue as long as men shoot in the bow.

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