The Best Crossbow 2019 Reviews

Perfect guide to choosing the best crossbow for 2019

So, you wish to be the greatest archer of all times? Enjoy shooting? Or are you simply preparing for the game hunting season to begin?  Whatever it is, I’m going to let you into the perfect guide to choosing the best crossbow for 2019.

Do you know when was the crossbow invented? No? Well, you are not as stupid as you think you are. Actually, nobody really knows the story behind the inception of crossbows. However, one string that attaches it to the prehistoric era is that several crossbows were discovered in Chinese graves dating as early as 2500 B.C! Transitioning towards medieval history, the Greeks realized the immense potential and edge the crossbow had over traditional bows. The Greeks adopted them as warfare weapons in the 5th Century B.C. A fair part of the Greeks’ revolutionary war success was attributed to the crossbows.

The Best Crossbow Comparison


Excalibur 405
TenPoint Venom
Barnett Ghost 410
Matrix 380
TenPoint Vapor

The crossbows form an essential part of tribal artillery in the south-eastern part of Asia even today. It is often concluded that the art and skill associated have been handed over as legacy by their barbaric forefathers.

Now, what made the crossbow such a lethal weapon with an almost definite fatality streak? The versatility and accuracy. If you notice the structure of a crossbow closely, you would notice a bow mounted across tillers (today, known as stock). The best crossbow was built in such a fashion that when fired, the arrow would move through a straight channel on the stock giving it a straight momentum, hence increasing its accuracy. As time progressed, a stirrup was developed at the front of the crossbow which allowed the archer to tame the crossbow between his feet and draw the string with both hands. The strings in crossbows are fast strings which have really high tension that propels the arrow head with blazing velocity.
Unlike former crossbows, the modern day best crossbows are made in aerodynamic designs and better materials to deliver a much powerful and accurate shot.

Obviously, you are not here to understand the history nor the mechanics of crossbows. But before I take you along and jump right into the review for the best crossbow of 2019, I would want you to know that at the end of this review, I will be declaring my verdict for “The Best Crossbow 2019” and “The Cash-Saver Crossbow 2019”.


When I set out for my little quest to find the best, little did I know there were so many options available to choose from.  I wonder if some day, God forbid, the human race encounters a zombie apocalypse, would amazon still spoil us for choices. Food for thought.

Getting back to business, I have reviewed and rated various crossbows to conclude my hunt and I present to you the top 5 crossbows which is sure to entice you as much as it did to me.

So, here it goes- Ladies, gentlemen and all crossbow aficionados, presenting to you the first contender for the year.

Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Crossbow Review

You know, sometimes in life, all you need is an incredibly fast and powerful crossbow and a successful hunt. The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Crossbow may probably be your halt when you are out mining through the exhaustive list of crossbows available.

With its sturdy construct, perfectly balanced body and swift performance, this deadly device is designed to keep the newcomers at bay. The Matrix Mega 405 is a recurve bow designed for especially experienced hunters. The commanding design of this crossbow is perhaps more than a novice can handle, safely.

Along with having a sturdy construct, the Matrix Mega 405 is relatively lighter in weight which makes it a lot easier to handle. This makes it especially easy to carry and eliminates the chances of having an arm fatigue. An arm fatigue can cause jittery-hands which will not really help you take your best shot.

Excalibur, known excellently for producing durable bows, has the Matrix Mega 405 boast of a really powerful structure which ensures the much needed stability for heavy draws. This is additionally supported by a riser which is easily attachable.

Speaking of design, Excalibur has done what it always does to its product- yet another elegant design. While it is way ahead in aesthetic aspects, the “mossy oak” pattern is something you will appreciate when you are trying to camouflage for the big game. The brilliant design allows for an almost silent fire of the arrow which is always an advantage for those stalking their prey on populous grounds.

Excalibur has put in sufficient thought in the direction of safety as well. Having a maximum speed of around 405 feet per second (Yes! You read that right) and a draw weight of 290 pounds (Yes! This as well), safety is something every shooter is going to be concerned about. Can you imagine pulling such a heavy draw without probably straining a nerve or a muscle? No, right? Excalibur seems to have taken care of this by attaching a rope cocking device to ease the significant amount of energy required to work with the 14 inch power stroke. Another important highlight in terms of safety is the anti-dry firing device which essentially can prevent fatal misfires.

The Matrix Mega 405 is perhaps one of the best recurve crossbow in terms of exemplary power, speed and performance. The 405 feet per second speed coupled with the heavy 290 pound draw weight sums up to an amazing potential energy which just amplifies once shot and transformed into kinetic energy.

The package consists of almost everything you will need during a hunting game, except a water bottle! The high precision scope makes it really easy to zoom into. As mentioned earlier, its durable construct and string dampener will help you hold your crossbow steady even on bumps and let you fire with sound not more than a whisper.

Additionally, you can benefit from the release mechanism in the best crossbow which lets you uncock arrows without having to fire them. With a quiver that ensures everything is within reach and a set of four Diablo and field tip arrows included in the kit, you can rally off to the closest practice ground as soon as you have your Matrix Mega 405 assembled. Assembled? Yes, you obviously have to take some pains. However, the instruction manual is simple enough for your kid or nephew to set it up for you.

  • Super-fast
  • Quiet & Powerful
  • Sturdy construct
  • Excellent scope
  • Too heavy to draw

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Review

If TenPoint Vapor has earned its reputation in the crossbow industry, it is probably because of the vapor.
The TenPoint Vapor is particularly famous amidst the hunter and target shooter community.

Owing to its exemplary power and innovative design, it boasts of an effective performance when it comes to hitting stationary as well as moving targets.

As we know, the construct of a crossbow enjoys the highest weight when considering the features to choose the best. The TenPoint vapor has a light-weight construct which helps you move your crossbow in tandem with your reflexes at good speed.

The parallel limbs essentially facilitate sufficient support and stability while drawing and releasing the arrow. Also, the carbon fiber barrel ensures the accuracy of your shots. The vapor is relatively smaller than its peers at 12.6 inches, which plays to its benefit really well. The vapor is pretty easy to shoot and maneuver anywhere. The light body weight adds to its mobility and ease of carrying factor.

Similar to the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405, even the TenPoint Vapor sports a “mossy oak” design which make it relatively easy to camouflage with the environment.While the crossbow is designed slightly smaller than its peers, it plays well to the advantage of young archers in terms of handling.

When it comes to picking a crossbow, another thing that should be on your mind is safety. Despite making the 3.5 pound trigger easy to pull, it is still crisp enough to not take a cue at accidental pushes.
Another safety feature worth a mention is the dry fire inhibitor which essentially prevents lethal misfires. These features come coupled with a really convenient safety switch. The carbon fiber barrel features a slightly angled design to avoid sore fingers and increase the accuracy per shot effectively.

The TenPoint Vapor is potent enough to fire up arrows up to an impressive 360 feet per second with a 165 pound draw weight. The vapor also sports a HE cam to allow an impressively smooth draw and release of an immensely power-packed arrow.

Speaking of taking down a game, the vapor can easily take down almost every game a novice would wish to take down while the field tip arrows can penetrate a variety of targets rather swiftly. Arm fatigue is not a major concern while using the vapor owing to its light-weight construction. Lesser arm fatigue directly relates to lesser shaky hands and better shots.

Hunting season has to be the quietest season since nobody wants to startle a prey. But what if your crossbow’s fire has a “swoosh” sound before the arrow even reaches your high-reflex prey? Well, no need to really worry about that while using the vapor. The innovative bow to barrel mounting system essentially dampens and muffles the sound to a great extent. A silent crossbow lets you take a second shot even if you miss your first one as the arrow fired earlier was too quiet to make a difference in the ambience.

The package containing this beautiful piece also has a jump start kit consisting of an adjustable scope which can increase the accuracy of your shots up to 40 yards with negligible weight-add and an aluminum mount. Seems like TenPoint understands the fact that an instruction booklet is probably the most unnoticed component of a package. The TenPoint vapor comes along with a DVD to guide you set up your brand new vapor.
The protective case that is included in the package lets you carry your bow around with ease. Carbon fiber points and arrows are included for those who want to venture out into the field to practice almost immediately.

  • Durable
  • Light weight construct
  • Easy to use
  • Well-balanced
  • Not impressive for professional shooting
  • Smaller than peers

Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow Review

The Barnett Ghost 410 is the compact manifestation of Barnett’s earlier 400 version of the compound crossbow. While being an easy to handle package, it promises the speed and power enough to enthrall your peers and you.

The Barnett Ghost 410 flaunts a unique combination of being light in weight but sturdy at the same time. The main advantages of a light weight crossbow are maneuverability and ease of handling which essentially eliminates the chances of arm fatigue. Arm fatigue is one of the most common reasons for shaky hands and ruined shots. This baby measures 20inch axle-to-axle and weighs an easy 7.3 pounds.

The riser is constructed with light weight carbon material which essentially should add to the compound crossbow’s stability and balance. The construct of this crossbow ensures that you are not thrown off-balance while drawing on this.The Ghost comes in a jet black variant which gives it a sleek finish along with a no-nonsense attitude.

The safety aspects of the Ghost are worth a mention. The Barnett Ghost 410 comes along with a safety switch which engages itself automatically and prevents the arrow from releasing unless secured well. This almost eliminates misfire risks, if any. Nevertheless, the Barnett Ghost 410 also has an anti-dry firing device which not only prevents an accidental fire but also does not allow the arrow to dry-fire which can really ruin the bow’s performance. With comfortable grasps on the well-designed grips, you may also appreciate the thoughtful finger slots which keeps your hand well below the release channel.

The Barnett Ghost 410 can fire up to maximum speeds of an amazing 410 feet per second! This really ensures that you can keep pace with your agile moving target. With a 185 pound draw weight and energy-release metric of up to 150 pounds, the Barnett Ghost 410 is an extremely powerful crossbow which can fire through and across almost any target.

The package comes along with an informative instruction manual and quick setup tools which helps you get your crossbow ready in a matter of minutes. An exceptional highlight is the 5-year warranty provided by Barnett.
Along with the standard stuff, you get an accurate 3×32 mm scope which works pretty efficiently up to 20 yards with factory settings. This scope can be adjusted for groupings and to make shots from a distance as well. The attachable rope cocking mechanism makes the drawing process rather smooth and easy. Convenience is something that the talon style sling provides whenever you are off hiking to your next location. The package includes 3 arrows and a quiver.

  • Safety switch
  • Light weight construct
  • Price
  • Well-balanced
  • Little Noisy
  • Does not camouflage

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review

The Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is a well-balanced and light weight product by Excalibur. It is an excellent product in terms of handling. Also, its camouflage is a great plus for those seasoned players who do not want to give away their position while hunting in the blind. The Excalibur Matrix 380 gives you the power and speed you need to make an absolute humane killing shot.

Usually, archers choose a recurve bow considering it light weight and easy to handle and care for. The Excalibur Matrix 380 is a recurve bow which is really durable and simple to maintain while on the field. This is a go to product for any archer preferring maneuverability irrespective of their skill levels.

The limbs of the Excalibur Matrix 380 offer a durable and sturdy build quality which facilitates ample balance and stability when aiming. The riser is capable of putting up a smooth show while firing a long-distance shot. The riser attaches pretty easily to the mount and is ready for business in minutes. The rear stock is made out of lightweight materials. The rear stock is designed in such a way that they fit rather comfortably against your shoulders. True to Excalibur’s product history, even the Excalibur Matrix 380 offers sufficient sturdiness to ensure a stable aim even during jerks and jolts faced by outdoor hunters.

While the design is extremely comfortable, the “real tree” pattern makes it a perfect camouflage which blind hunters would appreciate. The “real tree” design makes the crossbow blend into the forest environment. Along with the woody texture, it also includes suppressors that reduce the shot noise radically and eliminates the chances of you startling and losing a high-reflex prey. The design being really compact allows smooth maneuverability in tight spots and confined spaces.

In terms of safety, the Excalibur franchise stands true to its standards even with the Matrix 380. The anti-dry firing not only prevents lethal misfires but also protects the overall performance of the bow. The trigger is really easy to pull while the response is slightly delayed giving the archer sufficient time to ensure accuracy of the shot.

Along with a smooth release trigger, the Excalibur Matrix 380 also boasts of a pretty decent velocity at 380 feet per second to keep up with the pace of really agile moving targets. The arrows backed by a 260 pound draw weight has enough energy to penetrate through almost any target.

  • Excellent Camouflage
  • Light weight construct
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Well-balanced
  • Overweighed draw
  • Pricey

TenPoint Venom Crossbow Review

If maneuverability is your major concern and you often find yourself cramped while blind hunting, probable the Tenpoint Venom crossbow is your bet. With an ultra-compact design and no compromise on the velocity, the TenPoint Venom is a pretty good investment.

A sturdy and heavy construct may be a common woe for archers who struggle with their aim because of arm fatigue. The TenPoint Venom is a solution to the pain with its durable yet light build measuring 17.6 inch axle-to-axle. The mossy oak design gives it an extra point while hunting in the blind.

The TenPoint Venom is capable enough to fire up arrows up to an impressive 372 feet per second with a 185 pound draw weight. The venom also features a HE cam to allow an impressively smooth draw and release of an immensely power-packed arrow. The impressive compact construct makes it an easy weapon to use across all skill levels.

The 3.5-pound trigger is easy to pull. However, it has sufficient resistance to prevent accidental shots from being triggered. Like the vapor, even the venom is designed with an anti-dry fire system and safety switch. However, one thing game hunters should be wary of is the audible click that the trigger produces that can startle your prey. However, the dampeners can eliminate any twangs created by the strings.

The package includes a quiver and 6 strong carbon tipped arrows. The main feature of the venom is the ACU draw 50 which essentially reduces the draw weight by almost 50% to facilitate an easy draw pull. It also makes it easier to hold the draw a bit longer; however, your upper body strength is a large factor.

  • Excellent Camouflage
  • Light weight construct
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • ACU draw 50
  • Overpriced
  • Audible safety click

So, finally we are at the end of an amazing review for the best crossbow 2019 and it is verdict time.

With a heavy price, the Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is hands-down the Best Crossbow 2019 bet when it comes to crossbow hunting. This mean little weapon is worth every cent invested.

For the ambitious archers with a relatively narrow budget, The Best Cash-Saver Crossbow 2019 is the Barnett Ghost with a sturdy and efficient system at a beautiful price.


So start preparing for the game fellow hunters!

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