Archery Arc Shooting


TAKE your place on the shooting line with your bow and quivered arrows.
PLACE your feet in the correct position and adopt the
CORRECT STANCE, and then hold this position until
ALL of your arrows have been shot.

Shooting Sequence

CHECK your hand position on the bow.
TAKE an arrow from your quiver and guide it under the clicker onto the button and seat its nock on the bowstring nocking point, with the cock feather towards yourself.
PLACE your fingers on the string with nock positioned correctly.
PAUSE, and then address the target.
RELAX, exhale, and then seat the bow into the bow hand.
RAISE the bow and arrow in alignment with the boss.
LIFT both arms until they are level or slightly above shoulder level, pressing the bow forward towards the target and drawing the string backwards until the unit aiming position is reached, with the string touching all of the control points.
SIGHT centre of pin or ring on the gold and keep pressing until the loose occurs, the string hand then moving directly backwards.
HOLD the stance until the arrow has hit the target then lower bow and hands to their rest positions.
PAUSE AND RELAX, then repeat the shooting sequence for every arrow you shoot.
TAKE plenty of time between each shot.

The order of shooting will develop and will be slightly different for every archer and his or her tackle but it will eventually become purely autonomic (i.e. automatic in the mind). As the procedure is established and after constant practice the archer will achieve that precise control and technique that gives satisfactory scores. Sometimes an “out of body” sensory perception is experienced during shooting and when experienced can produce excellent scores, however, his is not essential.

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