Gold Tip arrows reviews

There has been some questions in the past about how straight Gold Tip arrows really are. I own two dozen of the 5575 XT Hunters and about half are within the +/-0.003″ tolerance as they advertise.

For the purpose of hunting the other dozen that are not within tolerance, are still good enough to hunt with. No problem!

I would normally not give a good review for a product like this, but for the price and durability, Gold Tip arrows are hard to beat. I have hit rocks and trees many times while hunting small game without damaging a single arrow. I always check for signs of cracks or splits, none found yet.

Gold Tip arrows are installed with a “Lock-Nock,” which doesn’t require a bushing and/or glue. All you need to adjust the nock is an allen/hex wrench.
Gold Tip offers a weight system, which allows you to add extra weight to the front or the nock end of the arrow. This feature can help you to achieve the perfect arrow spine and/or F.O.C (Forward Of Center) to help you achieve perfect arrow flight.

If using these arrows for hunting, you will need to spend some time adding some silencing material to your arrow rest. The shafts are not polished making them quite noisy during the draw cycle. This will take some trial and error. Some materials that might work for aluminum may not work for Gold Tips. Teflon tape seems to work pretty well with a Bodoodle rest. However, you will have to replace the tape often, the shafts eat through it rather quickly.

Gold Tip will also increase your arrow speed significantly. So if your looking for a good, tough, quick, moderately priced hunting arrow, give Gold Tip XT’s a try. You will like them!

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