Do you shoot your bow with one eye closed?

Do you shoot your bow with one eye closedShooting with both eyes open can give you distinct visual advantages when hunting, and ease anxiety and over-aiming when target shooting. First, you must be certain you are right eye dominant (for a right handed shooter) or left eye dominant (for a left handed shooter). Here’s how to find out: With both eyes open, aim your finger at an object across the room. Now close one eye, then the other. Which ever eye still aligns your finger with the object is your dominant eye. If you are right eye dominant and shoot right handed (or left eye dominant-left handed) you will be able to try aiming and shooting with both eyes open. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but give it a fair chance. The advantages in hunting can include increased field of vision at a critical moment, better vision of your hit on the animal, reduced tendency to “peek” at the shot, and better vision in dimming light. Both eyes open may not be for everyone, but for some it can help add comfort and accuracy to the shot…..And accuracy is what we as archers must continue to strive for!

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