Best Hunting Crossbows For Sale With Reasonable Prices

What do you sense? Yes! &Hunting season is just around the corner. Can’t wait to get your hands on that sheer creation of beauty with the short, white fluff of a tail? Well, you may have aspirations of your game to put you up on the prize list or at least food on your table for a few days. However, it is clear that you know what’s important for that- a world class crossbow for hunting. But what’s more important is a world class hunting crossbow which is not really heavy on the pocket.

Best Hunting Crossbows For Sale

crossbows for hunting
Barnett Jackal
best hunting crossbow
TenPoint Vapor
hunting crossbows for sale
TenPoint Stealth FX4

Important Facts About Hunting Crossbows

Do you know when was the crossbow invented? No? Well, you are not as stupid as you think you are. Actually, nobody really knows the story behind the inception of crossbows. However, one string that attaches it to the prehistoric era is that several hunting crossbows were discovered in Chinese graves dating as early as 2500 B.C! Transitioning towards medieval history, the Greeks realized the immense potential and edge the crossbow had over traditional bows. The Greeks adopted them as warfare weapons in the 5th Century B.C. A fair part of the Greeks’ revolutionary war success was attributed to the crossbows for hunting.

The crossbows form an essential part of tribal artillery in the south-eastern part of Asia even today. It is often concluded that the art and skill associated have been handed over as legacy by their barbaric forefathers.

Now, what made the crossbow such a lethal weapon with an almost definite fatality streak? The versatility and accuracy. If you notice the structure of a crossbow closely, you would notice a bow mounted across tillers (today, known as stock). The crossbow was built in such a fashion that when fired, the arrow would move through a straight channel on the stock giving it a straight momentum, hence increasing its accuracy. As time progressed, a stirrup was developed at the front of the crossbow which allowed the archer to tame the crossbow between his feet and draw the string with both hands. The strings in crossbows are fast strings which have really high tension that propels the crossbow broadheads with blazing velocity.

Unlike former crossbows, the modern day crossbows are made in aerodynamic designs and better materials to deliver a much powerful and accurate shot.

I understand you are obviously not interested in the amazing physics behind this beautiful combination of grace and strength.  So, by nature, I love to consider myself a hard worker and dig real deep to find my answers unlike a few lazy ones who want the answer at a click of a button (kidding!).

The Three Best Hunting Crossbows With Reasonable Prices

So, here I have shortlisted the three best hunting crossbows with reasonable prices. Let’s see who makes it to the title of “The Wallet-Friendly and Best Hunting Crossbow 2016”.

Barnett Jackal Hunting Crossbow Review

crossbows for hunting

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow franchise is out with yet another performer grade hunting crossbow. This lethal weapon is as mean as its name – The Barnett Jackal Crossbow.

The build of Barnett Jackal is indeed of stellar grade. The Jackal is built real sturdy with quad-style limbs which also adds to its raw hunter look. These quad-styled limbs are designed in a way to provide ample stability and support. With its well designed framework it ensures a shot with decent accuracy.

The energy wheels at the end of the Jackal’s limbs ensure a really swift draw packed with power. The Jackal comes with an attached cable system that produces amazingly speedy arrow shots.
One common woe among sturdy crossbow users is the arm fatigue that it causes. Arm fatigue is often followed by shaky hands and missed shots. The Jackal’s light weight construct has ensures that arm fatigue is a rare occasion. Yet another benefit of the amazingly light construct is that anyone can use it to fire an incredible shot, irrespective of their age and physical stature.

Of the very first things that you will notice when you take a look at the Barnett Jackal Crossbow is the sleek stock which sports a military-type design. The stock is not only visually beautiful to look at; it also gives you a relaxed and safe place to grip. The stock features a fore-grip which is divided for extra comfort and ensures that your hands are placed correctly. This is important to keep your hands safely away from the channel of the arrow as well as to improve the accuracy of your shots.

The jackal is a light-weight 7.7 pound crossbow. This light construct makes it really convenient to carry to your favorite location. Coupled with a 12 inch power stroke, it can be used by shooters of any skill level. The Jackal includes a “picatinny rail” which helps to almost guide your shot to the target.

With a 3.5 pound trigger, it is quite normal to trigger a suspicion regarding the safety.  But it seems like the engineers at Barnett’s have already thought through this. The 3.5 pound trigger is easy to pull, while being “crisp” enough to not misfire at the same time. The military design is something bind hunterscan appreciate while trying to camouflage with the surroundings.

What really makes the Barnett Jackal stand out of the crowd is its impeccable performance standards that make it an ideal choice. The unique blend of quad limbs, high energy wheels and a stellar cable system, the best crossbow can shoot with a speed of up to 315 feet per second. The Barnett Jackal Crossbow has an easy going draw weight of 150 pounds with 95 FP of kinetic energy packed into every arrow fired from this lethal weapon. This is perhaps one of the best configurations out there to take on almost any North American game.

The picatinny rail provides a really comfortable guidance and platform to mount your arrow and deliver an almost accurate shot. The well drafted balanced design allows for amazing straight shots. The 3.5 trigger pulls smooth enough to avoid any jerks that may throw your aim off the shot.

The Barnett Jackal Crossbow package includes everything you need to start hunting. The package includes an easy-to-understand instruction booklet. It is recommended to follow the steps to assemble your brand new Barnett Jackal safely within minutes. The package also takes away your pain to go to the nearest home depot as it comes packed with necessary bolts and screws along with a convenient set of hex keys.

The scope is accurately pre sighted to 20 yards which is really convenient to start with. Anyways, you can also adjust the scope to meet your needs. The included quiver comes along with three 20-inch bolts which gets you started almost immediately. The Barnett franchise also offers a 5-year warranty which is likely to ease your maintenance headaches.

All in all, it is a really bright pick for hunters across all skill sets.

  • Affordable
  • Great design
  • Balanced build quality
  • Warranty
  • No rope-cocking system
  • Little noisy

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Review

best hunting crossbowIf TenPoint Vapor Crossbow has earned its reputation in the crossbow industry, it is probably because of the vapor.
The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow vapor is particularly famous amidst the hunter and target shooter community.

Owing to its exemplary power and innovative design, it boasts of an effective performance when it comes to hitting stationary as well as moving targets.

As we know, the construct of a crossbow enjoys the highest weight when considering the features to choose the best. The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow has a light-weight construct which helps you move your crossbow in tandem with your reflexes at good speed.

The parallel limbs essentially facilitate sufficient support and stability while drawing and releasing the arrow. Also, the carbon fiber barrel ensures the accuracy of your shots. The vapor is relatively smaller than its peers at 12.6 inches, which plays to its benefit really well. The vapor is pretty easy to shoot and maneuver anywhere. The light body weight adds to its mobility and ease of carrying factor.

The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow sports a “mossy oak” design which make it relatively easy to camouflage with the environment. While the crossbow is designed slightly smaller than its peers, it plays well to the advantage of young archers in terms of handling.

When it comes to picking a crossbow, another thing that should be on your mind is safety. Despite making the 3.5 pound trigger easy to pull, it is still crisp enough to not take a cue at accidental pushes.
Another safety feature worth a mention is the dry fire inhibitor which essentially prevents lethal misfires. These features come coupled with a really convenient safety switch. The carbon fiber barrel features a slightly angled design to avoid sore fingers and increase the accuracy per shot effectively.

The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow is potent enough to fire up arrows up to an impressive 360 feet per second with a 165 pound draw weight. The vapor also sports a HE cam to allow an impressively smooth draw and release of an immensely power-packed arrow.

Speaking of taking down a game, the vapor can easily take down almost every game a novice would wish to take down while the field tip arrows can penetrate a variety of targets rather swiftly. Arm fatigue is not a major concern while using the vapor owing to its light-weight construction. Lesser arm fatigue directly relates to lesser shaky hands and better shots.

Hunting season has to be the quietest season since nobody wants to startle a prey. But what if your crossbow’s fire has a “swoosh” sound before the arrow even reaches your high-reflex prey? Well, no need to really worry about that while using the vapor. The innovative bow to barrel mounting system essentially dampens and muffles the sound to a great extent. A silent crossbow lets you take a second shot even if you miss your first one as the arrow fired earlier was too quiet to make a difference in the ambience.

The package containing this beautiful piece also has a jumpstart kit consisting of an adjustable scope which can increase the accuracy of your shots up to 40 yards with negligible weight-add and an aluminum mount. Seems like TenPoint understands the fact that an instruction booklet is probably the most unnoticed component of a package. The TenPoint vapor comes along with a DVD to guide you set up your brand new vapor.
The protective case that is included in the package lets you carry your bow around with ease. Carbon fiber points and arrows are included for those who want to venture out into the field to practice almost immediately.

  • Durable
  • Light weight construct
  • Well-balanced
  • Not impressive for professional shooting
  • Smaller than peers

TenPoint Stealth FX4 Crossbow Review

hunting crossbows for saleThe TenPoint franchise has been the favourite among seasoned hunters for producing thoughtful crossbows for many years now.

The TenPoint Stealth FX4 Crossbow is no exception to the quality products delivered by TenPoint. The Stealth FX4 Crossbow is build with a really sturdy and durable construct.

The Stealth FX4 Crossbow is essentially a compact crossbow with powerful blow. This 34.4 inch long compact crossbow will definitely catch your fancy if maneuverability is your skill.  The TenPoint Stealth weighs an easy 6.8 pounds which is you will particularly appreciate while travelling with the weapon. The185 pound draw weight converts into an arrow-fire velocity of an amazing 370 feet per second!

The bullpup design paired with the light weight sums up to a really well balanced crossbow. This is what the Stealth FX is all about. The metal trigger is undisputedly one of the best in the industry. However, this real good trigger has a downside- an audible click.

The Tenpoint Stealth FX4 Crossbow is designed with a classy “mossy oak” pattern which won’t give you away while you are trying to camouflage and hunt in the blind.  The mossy oak pattern on the stock gives a deep contrast with the jet black barrel. The Stealth FX4 is loaded with an AccuDraw cocking system (available in its conventional as well as mechanical variant) . The AccuDraw is integrated onto the mount where it sits tight and quiet without getting into the way. The integration adds real value to those forgetful hunters who would otherwise tend to misplace it in the heat of the moment.

The thumbhole stock works really well in its way to enhance the accuracy of every shot fired. The thumbhole structure will force you to grip the crossbow against your shoulder and add stability to it. The metal injection-molded 3.5-pound trigger is something powerful enough to take on almost any North American game. However, the rope-cocking system plays its role well enough to not let the draw weight intimidate the hunter’s strength. The bowjax noise dampening system is going to essentially not let our crossbow even whisper at a shot. Perhaps, even your game would be late by the time it recognizes the subtle swoosh.

Along with all the other good things mentioned about the accessories that the Stealth FX4 Crossbow features, it also comes packaged along with a 3x Pro-View scope pre-sighted for up to 20 yards. This fits on a 7/8-inch dovetail mount which makes it an absolute beauty to look at. The scope essentially sports 3 horizontal rheticles which lean up as they approach towards the center having dots at the intersections. The dots are controlled by a rheostat. The fourth dot at the bottom of the reticles gives you the much needed line of sight for a long shot. The crossbow is an absolute personification of the beauty and the beast amalgamation. Safety, as with all TenPoint crossbows, is a feature worth a mention. The anti-dry fire mechanism won’t let you accidentally blow your arrow someplace into the dark. While the trigger is easy to pull, it also has a crisp feel to not let a finger-slip set off an arrow-shot.

The package comes along with an instructional DVD and 3 TenPoint Pro elite carbon arrows. If you follow the DVD, your crossbow should be ready to go in less than a few minutes’ time. The TenPoint Stealth FX4 Crossbow is something hunters really take pride in holding.

  • Durable
  • Light weight construct
  • Pro-View Scope
  • Thumbhole Stock
  • Costlier than compact crossbow peers
  • Audible click from the trigger.

Top Hunting Crossbow for your Money

Now, that we are at the end of the face-off, it is verdict time. The essential points while picking a best hunting crossbow include a sturdy build quality- a “very” sturdy build quality. A noise-softening mechanism is really important if you do not want your game to flee away before your shot even reaches close to it. An effective draw weight with a compact structure is an absolute for swift maneuverability. While all of these are important, what adds value to the product is – getting all of these at a fairly reasonable price-point.

The verdict for “The Best Hunting Crossbow 2019” is to be announced. *drumrolls!* The very compact ace of maneuverability, with a sturdy construct and a durable build quality, an amazing hunting crossbow is none other than – Ten Point Vapor!

Yes! This mean weapon of destruction has all that you may need to hunt down a game while pinching your pocket the least!

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